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Transform Your Data Literacy

Transform Your

Data Literacy

Data To The People is a global

leader in data literacy assessment

and development.

The Power Of

Data Literacy

We live in a time where every industry, organisation and governing body is amassing exponential amounts of data. But whilst we may have all this data, we need the skills to interpret it, understand it and use it to make a positive change in our organisation. These skills are what we call data literacy.

Globally there is an urgent need for organisations to understand and develop data literacy across their workforces.
This is where we come in, transforming your organisation’s data literacy to create organisational-wide value and fundamental positive change.


A Global Leader 
In Data Literacy 

Data To The People are recognised industry leaders in measuring and building data literacy. We partner with our clients to deliver bespoke programs to measure, map and develop data literacy across the workforce. 

Using Databilities®, the only research-backed, scalable approach to data literacy, our team

has partnered with some of the world’s largest governments and organisations to build enterprise-wide data literacy.

Global Leader In Data Literacy Developme
Data Literacy Project
United Nations World Data Forum

How We Work With You

We offer a suite of tailored products and consulting services for every size and type of organisation. Led by Jane Crofts, our specialist teams use our proprietary Databilities® framework to pinpoint your current data literacy capacity, develop a bespoke roadmap for your organisation and empower you to lead your sector in the future of workplace change. 

Databilities® Demo
myDatabilities® is a free, 10-minute individual data literacy assessment with personalised results and recommendations. 

Databilities® Online

A self-serve solution to measure your organisation's data literacy and develop a roadmap to build data literacy across the organisation.

Databilities® Partnership

Customised enterprise-wide assessment, tools and training to uplift data literacy across the organisation. 


Let's Get This

Transformation Started

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