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Measure your own data literacy with the Databilities® free assessment tool in just 10 minutes—and test drive how Databilities can help your organisation.

How does your organisation benefit with Databilities®?
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Pinpoint organisational strengths and opportunities with your unique data literacy profile.


Base organisational action on solid data to start taking tangible steps on data literacy.


Enjoy peace of mind using the world’s most rigorous, consistent and supported system. 


Make sense of your data literacy capacities, then make plans for the future.


Anticipate learning needs before they limit capacity, see into the future of data.


Gain the competitive edge that puts your organisation in the driver's seat of your sector. 

Got 10 minutes? Get Databilities® tested - and get started with the world’s first data literacy competency framework.

The Databilities® System

Use the world-first data literacy competency framework to measure, map, develop and lead your organisational data literacy today.

A complete system, ready to make sense of your data literacy future.


The world’s first data literacy competency framework measures capacity and maps pathways.


Individual data literacy assessment tool - 10 minute questionnaire with pinpoint results. 


Comprehensive organisational assessment and reporting of all or selected personnel.


Tailored assessment with more detailed future development pathways for executives.


Customised, one-on-one executive development program of tools, training and certification.


A bespoke process designed specifically to your unique organisational challenges and opportunities.

Work with Databilities®

Whatever your sector, data is a tectonic force of change.

Be ready to harness it, before it harnesses you.


Connect with our deep experience in the corporate context of data literacy - from HR to IT, from communications to executive leadership, and:

  • Pinpoint your current data literacy capacity

  • Develop a concrete plan for data literacy development 

  • Power up the capacity of your data literacy leadership


Resource strong great public policy, establish sound accountability, and plan for massive societal change by connecting with the Databilities® system to:   


  • Assess human data literacy capacity across cohorts

  • Develop big picture and detailed action plans

  • Monitor and report on tangible data literacy progress


Partner with the most rigorous and research-backed approach to human and organisational data literacy, and stay ahead of the curve of social change:

  • Evaluate and understand data literacy in personnel

  • Build on and plan for future capacities organisationally

  • Lead your sector in the future of workplace change


Contact our founder, Databilities® originator, and global data literacy thought leader Jane Crofts to deepen your understanding and gain context in:

  • Data literacy and organisational implications

  • The future of work in a data-driven world

  • Emergent trends in data literacy assessment

Start working with the Databilities® system to position your organisation for a future it can count on.

Got 10 minutes? Get Databilities® tested - and get started with the world’s first data literacy competency framework.

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About Data To The People

Founded in 2017 to assess and develop lifelong data literacy across the globe, Data To The People began by developing Databilities® when founder Jane Crofts recognised the need for a rigorous global data literacy benchmark.

Databilities® launched at the United Nations World Data Forum in October 2018, at the same time the Data Literacy Project launched with Data To The People a founding member with Accenture, Qlik and others.

The Databilities® Ecosystem

We lead the world at the intersection of data literacy, competency frameworks, and the development of organisational data literacy capacity. 


The Data Literacy Manifesto

A live project, a collaboration between Marie L Clark, CEO of Ambient Intelligence, and Databilities® originator Jane Crofts.


The Data Literacy Manifesto: The Universal Language Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution sets forth a vision and a set of principles for the building and nurturing of data literacy across the globe. 

Global Data Literacy Benchmark


Drawing on Databilities®, the Global Data Literacy Benchmark brings together an assessment and benchmarking tool to establish baseline data literacy levels worldwide, then monitor the effectiveness of data literacy building programs and initiatives.


People use the Global Data Literacy Benchmark tool to determine their own level of data literacy.


The Databilities® System


A complete system for organisations to make sense of their data literacy future.


Built on the world-first Databilities® data literacy competency framework, the system assesses, documents, and develops capacity in individuals, cohorts, leadership and whole organisations.


A rigorous, evidence-based approach is the foundation to navigate challenges in the changing nature of work.


Start working with the Databilities® system - and get your organisation ready for the future of work.

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