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Global Data Literacy Benchmark


​The first of its kind, the Global Data Literacy Benchmark is the first comprehensive measurement of data literacy of more than 5,000 employees from around the globe.

Find out which region, industries and occupations have the highest levels of data literacy, and which of those need more help.

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The Global Data Literacy Benchmark found there is a significant discrepancy between the number of people who can help or guide others (the Coaches) and the number of people who need help or direction (the Curious). 


​One of the critical keys to creating a scalable Data Literacy Program is Individual Competency Assessment. It is also one of the most challenging.


As one of the original pioneers of the field, Jane's formative work with Databilities® and now the Global Data Literacy Benchmark Study is foundational to this emerging area of upskilling the workforce.

Valerie A. Logan

CEO & Founder
The Data Lodge

What is becoming increasingly evident is that our approach to developing enterprise-wide data literacy cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  


We need to identify, engage and encourage three different profiles across the organisation, the Curious, the Confident and the Coaches. 

Jane Crofts


CEO & Founder
Data To The People

How Does Your Organisation Stack Up Against Your Region, Industry and Occupations?

Understand the level of data literacy across your organisation, and how this compares to your region, industry, and occupations.

​With a range of self-serve and full-service offerings, the Databilities® Online platform provides the tools you need to measure, map and develop data literacy across your workforce.

Frequently asked questions

Industry Benchmarks

Benchmark: Industry - Administrative and Support Service Activities

Includes rental and leasing activities, employment activities, travel agency, tour operator, reservation service and related activities, security and investigation activities, services to buildings and landscape activities, office administration, office support and other business support activities.

5,500+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Public Administration and Defence

Includes public administration and defence.

100,000+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Education

Includes primary, secondary and tertiary education.

9,000+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Includes crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities, forestry and logging, fishing and aquaculture.

3,000+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Health and Social Work

Includes provision of health and social work activities. Activities include health care provided by trained medical professionals in hospitals and other facilities, other residential care activities that still involve a degree of health care activities, and social work activities without any involvement of health care professionals.

9,500+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Manufacturing

Includes manufacture of food products, beverages, tobacco products, textiles, wearing apparel, leather and related products, wood and of products of wood and cork, paper and paper products, printing and reproduction of recorded media, chemicals and chemical products, pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemical and botanical products, rubber and plastic products, non-metallic mineral products, basic metals, fabricated metal products, computer, electronic and optical products, electrical equipment, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, other transport equipment, repair and installation of machinery and equipment.

13,500+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Electricity and Gas

Includes electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply.

3,000+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Construction

Includes Construction of buildings, civil engineering, specialised construction activities.

6,000+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Wholesale and Retail Trade

Includes wholesale and retail trade, and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles.

6,500+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Transport and Storage

Includes land transport and transport via pipelines, water transport, air transport, warehousing and support activities for transportation, postal and courier activities.

3,000+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Accommodation and Food Service Activities

Includes accommodation and food and beverage service activities.

4,000+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Information and Communication

Includes publishing activities, motion picture, video and television programme production, sound recording and music publishing activities, programming and broadcasting activities, telecommunications, computer programming, consultancy and related activities, information service activities.

11,500+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Finance and Insurance

Includes financial service activities, insurance, reinsurance and pension funding, activities auxiliary to financial service and insurance activities.

7,500+ data points.

Benchmark: Industry - Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities

Includes Science and Engineering Professionals, Health Professionals, Teaching Professionals, Business and Administration Professionals, Information and Communication Technology Professionals, Legal, Social and Cultural Professionals.

8,000+ data points.

Regional Benchmarks

Benchmark: Regional - Australia

25,000+ data points.

Benchmark: Regional - United Kingdom

25,000+ data points.

Benchmark: Regional - Canada

25,000+ data points.

Benchmark: Regional - India

25,000+ data points.

Benchmark: Regional - United States of America

25,000+ data points.


How can we use the Global Data Literacy Benchmark at our organisation?

The Global Data Literacy Benchmark allows organisations to compare their organisational assessment results against one or more of the industry, occupation or region datasets. Individual datasets can be loaded into your dashboard or survey reports to show how your organisation compares to the selected benchmarks. Benchmark datasets are available via Databilities® Direct and also Databilities® Partnership platforms.

What benchmark datasets are available?

A total of 24 benchmarks across a range of regions, industries and occupations are available. Specific details of each benchmark dataset are available in the following pages.

How are the results of benchmark comparisons presented?

Comparisons to your selected benchmarks are provided in a heatmap format, allowing you to quickly identify areas where you meet or exceed the selected benchmark, as well as areas where your organisation could benefit from greater development.

Occupation Benchmarks

Benchmark: Occupation - Managers

Includes Chief Executives, Senior Officials and Legislators, Administrative and Commercial Managers, Production and Specialised Services Managers, Hospitality, Retail and Other Services Managers.

31,500+ data points.

Benchmark: Occupation - Professionals, Technicians and Associate Professionals

Includes Science and Engineering Professionals, Health Professionals, Teaching Professionals, Business and Administration Professionals, Information and Communication Technology Professionals, Legal, Social and Cultural Professionals.

29,500+ data points.

Benchmark: Occupation - Clerical Support Workers

Includes general and keyboard clerks, customer services clerks, numerical and material recording clerks, other clerical support workers.

14,500+ data points.

Benchmark: Occupation - Services and Sales Workers

Includes personal services workers, sales workers, personal care workers, protective services workers.

13,500+ data points.

Benchmark: Occupation - Technicians and Associate Professionals

Includes Science and Engineering, Health Associate, Business and Administration, Legal, Social, Cultural and Related Associate Professionals, and Information and Communications Technicians.

10,000+ data points.

How Does Your Organisation Stack Up?

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