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The world-first, complete system for organisational adaptation to the data revolution.

Why Databilities®?

Thrive in the data literacy workplace revolution.



Gain organisation-wide insight into your unique data literacy profile, across all layers and cohorts, in one simple process.



Schedule organisational actions to systematically develop data literacy, with tools for regular development and learning cycles.



Rest easy knowing that you’ve introduced the world’s most rigorous and supported system for organisational data literacy.



Make sense of your data literacy capacities, then make big plans for thriving futures beyond the fourth industrial revolution.


Anticipate learning needs before they limit organisational capacity, see into the future of data and its human dimensions.


Stay ahead of the systemic disruption curve—and leverage the competitive edge to lead your sector and the world.

It’s beyond the analysts and data scientists - universal data literacy is key to every organisation’s future.

Jane Crofts, Databilities® originator and data pioneer

The Databilities® System

Databilities® drives the data literacy revolution for individuals and organisations alike.


From MyDatabilities® to the Global Data Literacy Benchmark, harness the world-first data literacy competency framework to pinpoint your data literacy level across multiple competencies.


A complete organisational assessment from the granular to the systemic, easy-to-administer, and comprehensively reported to leadership with actions, tools and tailored action plans.


Built on ground-breaking academic research, this world-first framework comprises 15 competencies and 6 levels across the dimensions of reading, writing and comprehending data.



Fine-tune the Databilities® system to target the cross-section of competencies required to thrive at your organisation’s executive level, and fast-track data literacy development.



An exclusive program for
C-Suite leaders and key data literacy innovators to connect with and influence emerging global trends in data literacy, including high-profile positioning.



Develop a comprehensive and bespoke plan for organisational change and capacity-building in data literacy with unparalleled access to Databilities® originator Jane Crofts.

Reaching the transformational level will require data literacy skills permeating an organization from top to bottom.

Melvin Greer, Chief Data Scientist, Intel Corporation

What makes Databilities® unique?

Databilities® is designed to revolutionise your organisation’s data literacy capacity easily and powerfully.


The global benchmark in data literacy competency, originated by founder Jane Crofts.


Customise the materials, process and tools to suit your unique organisational profile.


Built on rigorous academic research encompassing decades of global scientific studies.


Data processing, analysis and recommendations from the uniquely placed Databilities® team.


Cutting edge user experience design, just 15 minutes per person, with plain language engagement.


Designed to scale from individual and cohort application to organisation-wide implementation.

Get started engaging with Databilities® by taking and sharing the individual assessment amongst your team.

We’ve triumphed against illiteracy before—building and nurturing data literacy requires the exact same approach.

Jane Crofts, global data literacy advocate

The Databilities® Ecosystem

Databilities® is a pioneering system working at the cutting edge of data literacy systems and organisational data literacy capacity.


The Data Literacy Manifesto


A live project, setting forth a vision for the global development of data literacy and organisational capacity.

Global Data Literacy Benchmark


Our assessment and benchmarking tool to establish and monitor baseline data literacy levels worldwide.


The Databilities® System


A complete system for organisational data literacy assessment, review and development towards the industrial data revolution.


Start working with the Databilities® system—and get your organisation ready for the future of work.

An organization’s ability to succeed in this digital era is heavily dependent on its employees’ ability to learn a new language. The language of data.

Jordan Morrow, Head of Data Literacy, Qlik


Our topline offering tailors Databilities® to your unique corporate challenges—blending scale with fierce agility, unleashing data literacy as a force to navigate relentless change:

  • Assess your current data literacy capacity​

  • Mobilise tools and resources for data literacy

  • Emerge in your sector as data literacy leaders


Lock public policy to emerging trends in data, bed down accountability, and orient towards the changing demands of public expectations around data to:      


  • Target data literacy capacity development across cohorts

  • Develop wide-ranging and detailed action plans

  • Monitor and report on departmental progress


Partner with the world-first, evidence-based framework for human and organisational data literacy, equipping your systems for the coming tide of social change:


  • Assess and review data literacy in personnel

  • Scale data literacy assessment across schools

  • Establish a high-profile position as data literacy leaders


Contact our founder, Databilities® originator, and global data literacy advocate Jane Crofts to deepen your background and strengthen your sources in:

  • Data literacy, technology and industrial change

  • The disruption of work in a data-rich world

  • Latest trends in data literacy development

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Start working with the Databilities® system to position your organisation for a future it can count on.

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