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The world’s first, evidence-based data literacy competency framework is exclusively available through Data To The People.


The framework outlines 18 core competencies with up to 6 levels of capability across the dimensions of reading, writing and comprehension. Databilities® is the foundation of our approach. It allows us to identify, prioritise and measure the impact of capacity development initiatives.


Databilities® is the most comprehensive assessment tool of individual data literacy in the world.

Global Data Literacy Benchmark

Global Data Literacy Benchmark


Utilising our proprietary Databilities® framework, Data To The People commissioned research to measure the individual data literacy of more than 5,000 employed individuals across Australia, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Singapore.


The Benchmark found that data literacy varies widely by industry and occupation but follows a standard profile across regions.

The Global Data Literacy Benchmark provides an opportunity for organisations to see how they measure up against their industry, region and occupations. 


Find out which regions, industries and occupations have the highest levels of data literacy, and which need more help. 

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What is becoming increasingly evident is that our approach to developing enterprise-wide data literacy cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  


We need to identify, engage and encourage three different profiles across the organisation, the Curious, the Confident and the Coaches. 

Jane Crofts


CEO & Founder
Data To The People


​One of the critical keys to creating a scalable Data Literacy Program is Individual Competency Assessment. It is also one of the most challenging.


As one of the original pioneers of the field, Jane's formative work with Databilities® and now the Global Data Literacy Benchmark Study is foundational to this emerging area of upskilling the workforce.


Valerie A. Logan

CEO & Founder
The Data Lodge

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