Who We Are

Data To The People are recognised global experts and industry leaders in building and nurturing data literacy.

We equip leaders and organisations with the tools to assess individual and organisational data literacy, and design bespoke programs for them to improve the data competency of their workforce.

We deliver a research-backed, scalable approach to data literacy, assisting organisations to measure, map and develop data literacy across their entire workforce.

Our proprietary Databilities® framework means we’re uniquely placed to help organisations understand how they measure up against competitors, other businesses in the region and different occupations.

Jane Crofts
Founder and CEO
Data To The People


Jane Crofts is the originator of Databilities® and founder of Data To The People. Drawing on her background in business analysis, supply chain re-engineering and process improvement, Jane brings a pioneering approach to data literacy.


A data literacy evangelist based in Australia, Jane works as consultant, author, teacher, and advocate of data literacy all over the world. Jane’s a member of the Data Literacy Project's Advisory Board - a group of respected visionaries brought together to further the future of data literacy globally.


Jane’s passion is developing and nurturing lifelong data literacy, and she works tirelessly with everyone from school-aged children to corporate CEO’s, government and NGO leaders, and academics across the globe to build and share resources towards data literacy and a world ready for the data-driven revolution.