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We're passionate global pioneers in data literacy.

Founded in 2017 to assess and develop lifelong data literacy across the globe, Data to the People began by developing Databilities®, the world’s first evidence-based data literacy competency framework. 


Founder Jane Crofts recognised the need for a rigorous global benchmark to support all organisations and people to face a data-driven future and based her groundbreaking Databilities® work on thorough academic research from Canada’s Dalhousie University.


Early milestones include the Databilities® launch at the United Nations World Data Forum in October 2018, the launch of the Data Literacy Project (on the board of which sits founder Jane Crofts), and in 2019 the commencement of pilots with significant public and private sector partners. In 2017 founder Jane Crofts launched the Data Literacy Manifesto, boldly articulating a vision for data literacy as the ‘universal language of the fourth industrial revolution’.

About Us

The Databilities® Ecosystem

Data to the People are global pioneers in the emerging field of data literacy.


The Databilities® System


Our signature suite of products and services, including the first global standard in data literacy competency assessment, and tailored products and services for assessment, development and certification.

Global Data Literacy Benchmark


Based on Databilities®, this assessment and benchmarking tool gathers baseline data literacy levels worldwide. Individual responses weigh toward measuring data literacy building programs and initiatives.


The Data Literacy Manifesto


A live project, the Manifesto explores data literacy as the ‘universal language of the fourth industrial revolution’, outlining a vision for building and nurturing data literacy across the globe.


Find out how Databilities® can become the foundation for your organisational data literacy development.

Jane Crofts
Data to the People Founder

Jane Crofts is the originator of Databilities® and founder of Data to the People. Drawing on her background in business analysis, management consulting, supply chain re-engineering and process improvement, Jane brings a pioneering approach to data literacy, data visualisation, data analytics and information systems.


As a highly-regarded business intelligence practitioner and data literacy evangelist based in Australia, Jane works as consultant, author, teacher, and advocate of data literacy all over the world. Jane’s a member of the Data Literacy Project's Advisory Board - a group of respected visionaries brought together to further the future of data literacy globally.


Jane’s passion is developing and nurturing lifelong data literacy, and she works tirelessly with everyone from school-aged children to corporate CEO’s, government and NGO leaders, and academics across the globe to build and share resources towards data literacy and a world ready for the data-driven revolution.

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