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Databilities® Partnership


Our Databilities® Partnership model incorporates customised enterprise-wide assessments, tools and training to uplift data literacy across the organisation. 

The model is delivered over three key phases of work:

  • Measure

  • Map

  • Develop




You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
The first step is to assess your ‘current state’ of data literacy. Our Organisational Assessment against the Databilities® framework provides an opportunity for you to measure – at scale – the current level of data literacy across a diverse range of your employees.

The Assessment identifies both areas of strength, and areas of opportunity, in specific competencies across your organisation.

Your Assessment is customised to reflect your organisation’s unique features and is able to identify pockets of excellence as well as those areas of your business that could do with some additional support.




It's hard to complete a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the end result should look like.

With the insights gained from your Organisational Assessment we step you through the creation of competency maps grounded in the Databilities® framework. 

These maps establish a shared and achievable vision for what data literacy could look like across all roles and functions. We can map an organisation-wide standard, as well as the aspirational standard for different job families and responsibilities across the organisation.

Our approach is an engaging and consultative one, with opportunities for different stakeholder groups to contribute to and shape the maps.



Our strategy and implementation roadmaps are designed to address identified gaps, celebrate existing strengths and support organisational development, including:

  • development and rollout of communications and engagement strategy

  • bespoke training, workshops, online learning modules

  • leader resources, including talking points, checklists and key questions to support leaders to foster a stronger data culture 

  • integration of agreed competency models in position descriptions, hiring and performance management functions.


We work in partnership with our clients to implement their tailored roadmap – whether as leaders or supporters – to exponentially improve data literacy across every aspect of your business.

Frequently asked questions


What is involved in the 'Measure' phase of the partnership?

Our platform provides an opportunity for organisations to measure – at scale – the current level of data literacy across a diverse range of employees. This is conducted via an online survey platform, with servers located in Australia, Canada, United States and Netherlands to accomodate various data privacy and residency requirements across our key client geographies. We generally allow a 5 week period to configure, distribute, collect responses and analyse the Organisational Assessment against the Databilities® framework. Once the survey has been configured, we provide you with a monitoring dashboard to keep track of the number of completed responses received. We recommend the survey be open for a 3 week period - with a check point at the end of the 2nd week to determine if any follow-up is required to encourage greater participation.

Is the Organisational Assessment available in multiple languages?

We currently offer the Organisational Assessment against the Databliities® framework in both English and French with additional languages coming online over 2021.

Can the Organisational Assessment be tailored to meet our organisation's unique needs?

A key feature of the Organisational Assessment against the Databilities® framework is the ability to customise the survey to accurately represent the unique features of your organisation. During the project kick-off, we work with you to define a range of attributes and questions to include in your Organisational Assessment. These attributes help us collect sufficient information to analyse the responses in a way that reflects your organiation, for example attributes such as Department, Team, Functional Area, Geographic Location, and Tenure. Additional questions can also be included during the configuration of the Organisational Assessment tool. Questions which collect comments and expanded responses can be useful in determining perceived enablers and blockers, and gathering feedback regarding existing or planned initiatives.

How will we receive the results from the Organisational Assessment?

We offer a range of options when it comes to receiving the results from the Organisational Assessment against the Databilities® framework. Our Standard Reporting includes a range of data visualisations to analyse respondent demographics, respondent distribution by competency and medians by competency. Our Advanced Reporting includes the Standard Reporting features as well as variance to median by competency and gap analysis between current vs future states. We also offer access to an interactive dashboard via an online portal where you can delve deeper into the data visualisations to discover additional insights.

Do participants receive their individual results after participating in the Organisational Assessment?

We can issue individual reports to participants at your request. To facilitate this, we need to collect additional details such as the participant's email address. The platform is able to issue individual reports using either our default individual reporting format or a customised template which has been tailored for your organisation.


What is involved in the 'Map' phase of the partnership?

The 'Map' phase of work is designed to understand and document the desired future state for the organisation. We do this by identifying and investigating agreed personas or job functions across the organisation (such as People Leader, Frontline, Policy, Data Wranger) to develop a detailed competency profile map for each persona. These competency profile maps become a key input to gap analysis between current state (results from the Organisational Assessment against the Databilities® framework) and future state (the competency profile maps). This gap analysis allows us to identify areas of strength and opportunities for development for each persona, ultimately allowing us to design tailored data literacy programs and supports for different functions across the organisation.

How are the competency profile maps developed?

The competency profile maps can be developed in one of three ways: Bottom-up Workshops are held with representatives across the organisation who fit the persona or job function being investigated. These workshops provide an opportunity for multiple people across the organisation to co-develop 'what good looks like' for their specific functions. Top-down Alternatively, a smaller group of individuals can provide a holistic view across all personas to determine 'what good looks like' for the entire organisation, and how this should be reflected across individual personas and functions. Combination We find the combination of a bottom-up and top-down processes lead to better outcomes during this phase. The awareness, insight and good-will generated during the bottom-up workshops, combined with the standardisation and strategic overview from the top-down review lead to the development of robust competency profile maps.

Do you have standard competency profile maps we can use?

We do have a range of competency profile maps across a range of commonly found personas and job functions. These maps provide an industry-agnostic view which can be adopted as is, or can be used as a starting position for the further development of tailored competency profile maps reflecting the industry and data maturity of the organisation.


What is involved in the 'Develop' phase of the partnership?

Following the completion of the Measure and Map phases of work, we will have identified areas for development - and celebration - for different personas across the organisation. During this final phase, we will design a program of work to address these areas for development, including the establishment of communications and change management activities to embed key messaging and practices to support these competency development initiatives. Drawing on our extensive library of curriculum, templates, workbooks and activities, we provide a comprehensive toolkit to support the development of individual competencies across the organisation. We also actively maintain a catalogue of free and paid resources across the globe which can further support the development of various competencies within various personas.

Is your toolkit available for use 'off the shelf'?

Our curriculum, workbooks and activities are the foundations of our program of work. These resources are deliberately presented in a 'black and white' format to encourage the customisation and 'colouring-in' with your organisational systems, processes, language and examples. We are able to support you with the tailoring of our resources or provide the base materials for you to configure on your own.

How can you support us in the rollout of these development initiatives?

Recognising that the majority of our clients have well established project and change management practices, we are able to provide templates for project plans, communication and stakeholder plans, as well as 'train the trainer' sessions to build confidence and familiarity with our broader toolkit. Beyond this, we can also take the lead role and assume project and change management roles in partnership with your existing teams.

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