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Unleashing value

Every organisation, big or small, has one thing in common: they're all trying to create value. Maybe it's making customers happy, helping the community, or growing the business and market share. Whatever your goals are, you're using a mix of people, processes, and technology to achieve them.  But here's the thing: there's untapped potential in every organisation, there’s more value to be created. A big reason for this unrealised value is how we handle information – or as the cool kids call it, “data”.

Think of data as the fuel that powers your organisation. Just like a car runs better with clean fuel, your organisation performs better when the information flowing through it is accurate and useful.  In the course of doing business, we are constantly creating and using information.  So, how can we make sure our information is working as hard as possible for us? Here are some easy-to-implement ideas that don't require a degree in data science:

  1. Keep it clean Make sure the information you're collecting is accurate from the start. It's like keeping your workspace tidy - a little effort upfront saves a lot of headaches later.

  1. Make it everyone’s business Encourage everyone to use information in their daily work. It's not just for the IT folks! When everyone understands why good information matters, the whole organisation benefits.

  1. Use what you’ve got Before collecting more information, make sure you're using what you already have. You might be surprised by the useful stuff you already have but aren't using.

  1. Connect the dots Try to link up information from different parts of your organisation. It's like putting puzzle pieces together - you get a clearer picture when everything connects.

  1. Focus on what matters When looking at your information, always ask, "How can this help us achieve our goals?" Keep it practical and action-oriented.  

Making better use of your information doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Often, it's about making small, consistent improvements.  By focusing on these basic areas, you can start getting more value from your information right away. It's not about becoming a tech wizard overnight - it's about making smart, simple changes that add up over time.

In today's world, organisations that can make good use of their information tend to do better. By trying out these ideas, you're not just improving how you handle information - you're setting your organisation up for success, whatever your goals may be.

So why not start today? Pick one or two of these ideas and give them a try. You might be surprised at how much of a difference a few small changes can make!


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