• Jane Crofts

UN World Data Forum

What an honour it was to speak at the recent UN World Data Forum. My fellow panelists and I were discussing data literacy as a means for social inclusion. I encouraged attendees to advocate for the inclusion of data literacy measurement within student and citizen assessment frameworks. Until we are able to measure data literacy within individuals and communities, I fear we have little hope of truly developing data literacy at scale.

If we don't know where we are starting, how will we know which direction we need to go?

Locally - I would love to see Australia's National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy expanded to include data literacy assessment.

Globally - National Statistical Offices might consider inclusion of data literacy competencies as part of their own youth and adult assessments.

Collectively - I would be thrilled to see data literacy included in the Program for International Student Assessment. If every person who attended the Forum undertook to submit data literacy competency questions to the PISA Governing Board - by sheer volume, we may be able to push this agenda onto the PISA framework. Thank you to my fellow panelists Neda Jafar, Omar Bakari, Emmanuel Letouze, and our moderator Paul Matthews.


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